The 80s Report

The 80s are awesome, filled with shoulder pads, leggings, big hair, Jem & The Holograms, Tron, carrot pants – honestly this list can go on for days. With some of us kids missing out on all that was cool in the 80s, the era is coming back with a bang, fashion wise. Neon, as we’ve covered already has come back in a big way so JUICE takes a look into their crystal ball (and mama’s closets) to see what other things from the past holds for the future…


If the hit movie of summer 09 The Hangover was any indication to you that Blublockers are on the rise, then take note. What? You didn’t notice them? They’re even on the movie poster (worn by the crazy one carrying the baby). The sunnies of choice during the 80s,  these babies were el cheapo and had technology that was developed for astronauts, protecting you from UV rays and possibly alien races. Blublockers have reissued their most popular 80s model with new, bright colours like blue, green, pink and more, and are rebranding them as ‘My Blublockers’.

Bike shorts

Bicycle shorts? Hmm. JUICE is on the fence with this one. Should this little annoyance be ignored? Everybody is doin’ it from Prada, Michael Kors and latest darling, Alexander Wang. All we can say is, if you choose to throw caution to the wind and try this, take out your Stairmasters and tighten those jiggly bits first. NEXT!


L-R: Givenchy, Balmain, Karl Lagerfield

Structured Sleeves

Shoulders are back in the spotlight as structured sleeves are popping out everywhere for Fall. It’s all about exaggerating those shoulders. This look kicks ass way better than our mum’s 80s padded shouldered.  With its extra definition and geometric lines, it adds dramatic flair to any silhouette. So why the sudden surge in popularity for shoulders? Some say that the recent economic crisis could have been a major factor. Take Jessica Fromm of who wrote “Historically, big shoulders come into fashion during times of either great prosperity or great hardship. Structured shoulders were vogue in the austere times of World II, and of course bigger was always better in the greed-driven Reagan era. When people have something to prove or need an injection of confidence, bulky shoulders show it. The dangerous state of the current work environment is causing women to seek power-infusing office wear, and oversize shoulder pads and sharply tailored jackets do the trick.” Go figure!


Tim Hamilton FW09

And for the men…

Rejoice! The 80s revival also works for you too, boys. Tim Hamilton’s latest collection is a throwback to the 80s, it looks almost like he took inspiration from Joy Division. It’s time to bring out those fitted blazers and jackets ala Gucci FW 09/10. On a side note, guys should dress up like this all the time.

Also, can’t wait to see these sleek 80s hairstyle appearing again like the picture above and Tim Hamilton FW09 runway. Tres chic.