Tarik Jeans Trucker II Jacket Video Campaign Ties the Relationship Between Motorbikes and Denim With OH CHENTAKU’s Myo

Tarik Jeans just released its newest apparel to its growing retail family; the Trucker II Jacket. Its construction follows that of a vintage Japanese piece, each jacket is made with two hidden lining pockets, a red line selvedge 3/1 right hand twill, while the lining inside of the outerwear is made with a double strip flat weave — in layman terms; this jacket is made of quality material and is a worthwhile investment. There are only 11 pieces currently available in the market, making it exceptionally limited but most of the best things are, right? To launch this apparel, Tarik sought out the help of OH CHENTAKU!’s lead singer Myo by having him describe the connection he’s created between his bike and his selvedge denim jacket.

Watch the video below:

Tarik’s Trucker Jacket II retails at RM600 and only 11 pieces are available.

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