Syomirizwa Gupta ’16 ‘Cruise’ Collection

Frida Kahlo wrote, “I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return,” indicating that she does not wish to be reborn. Considering how inspirational she was, it’s a no-brainer that she is a muse to fashion designers, painters, and writers. So, even though she will not be physically present again in this lifetime or the next, part of her essence will exist through art. Her identity was synonymous with bold prints and loud colours — everything that minimalism, so du jour now, is not, basically.

Malaysian designer Syomir has interpreted her known traits onto fabric for his ‘Cruise’ collection. He gives traditional Malaysian costumes an uplift by designing it in such a way that it can be worn beyond festive times. For example, most tops from this collection have matching skirts, but it’d look completely fine with a piece that doesn’t share similar prints. If the traditional baju kurung combination seems like a tired style for Raya, opt for one of Syomir’s long cardigans to create a newer take on your styling instead.

Check out how the designer incorporated it in the lookbook below:

Studio Session-162

Studio Session-222

Studio Session-036

Now for the products:




Email [email protected] to preorder pieces from this collection or to make an appointment with Syomir himself.