Supreme® x Slayer© Collection is Suitable for the Antichrist


Before we begin, the title is in reference to a Slayer song. Everybody stay calm.

2016 has been a strange year thus far (we still have another month for the Universe to prove its complete weirdness!) with Donald Trump winning the presidential election, Aunty Anne and A&W being forced to rename any item that includes ‘dog’ or ‘beer’ in its name, and how acceptable heavy metal is — well, its appeal to the fashion industry, anyway.

For Supreme’s latest capsule collection, it’s worked together with one of thrash metal’s godfathers, Slayer, to produce M-65 jackets, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, four graphic t-shirts, and more to fully monetise on this current trend of using Slayer’s more popular graphics from their album covers and lyrics (‘Raining Blood’ cleverly changed to ‘Reign IN Blood’). Nevermind that the genre in which Slayer belongs in has received consistent flack for being what it is, if it’s in the name of fashion, it’s going to be accepted by various credit cards.

Check out the collection below:




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