Super Berry Superpower

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After years of research and development Kiehl’s has finally produced a skincare collection that of 100% natural origin and is clinically proven too! The Acai Damage Skincare Collection consists of these superheroes: Minimizing Cleanser, Protecting Toning Mist, Repairing Serum, Correcting Moisturizer and ultra-concentrated Damage-Repairing Serum that join forces to help combat bad ass environmental aggressors like bad air and harsh sun rays, and stimulates skin’s natural renewal process that “improve and maintain the look of healthy, glowing skin.”

Kiehl’s newest skincare range uses a high concentration of super-antioxidant organic Acai Berry that comes all the way from the exotic Brazilian Amazon and combines its super powers with Aloe Vera, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils. Like Captain Planet’s group of environmental friends, together ithelp skin repair the visible effects of both physical and environmental damage.

The Collection includes T contains 10% extract of Açaí berry, an unusually high level of antioxidant protection that with daily use helps to restore skin’s tone, texture, and tightness due to environmental oxidation, sun exposure and other external skin stressors.

Both men and women worldwide have become increasingly concerned with visible skin aging. Skin aging is marked by decreased hydration, uneven skin tone, texture changes and diminishing elasticity. Many of these visible changes are due to physical and environmental stress.

Kiehl’s also introduces its first Ecocert Certified Organic, 100% Natural Origin and Cradle to Cradle(SM) Gold Certified Collection which in layman’s terms mean that all four products within the Acai-Damage Repairing Skincare line are certified as an organic product by Ecocert, a French organic and natural certification company which “specializes in the certification of personal care products and cosmetics.”

Kiehl’s Acai Damage-Repairing Skincare Collection can be found at all Kiehl’s outlets. For more info log on to