Style Breakdown: Green Day

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Even before Brandon Flowers from The Killers suggested you lock bones with him (with those hypnotic smoky eyes of his, suit and skinny tie you wish where wrapped elsewhere), another lead singer did the same – not in lyrics, but by the way he presented himself.

The punk-geek fashion phenomenon might have started way before Green Day’s ‘Geek Stink Breath’, but being a mainstream band with all the right hookups – think huge record label and MTV – helped the band play a big role in exposing this trend to acts that followed suit. Such bands with similar genres and style are members from Fallout Boy, American Rejects, Blink 182, 30 Seconds To Mars and even their young listeners are very much influenced.

To look like a ‘Walking Contradiction’ (like how Green Day would have put it), there are a few essentials you need to own and they are:

1. Eyeliner – if you’re a guy and want to show the emo side in you, just line along the lashline of both top and both eyelids. You don’t have to be too precise and never neatly flick the ends like how your girlfriend or Cleopatra would have done it.

2. A tie – although in the early days, Green Day would have had to make do with wide ties, the cooler option is a skinny one in a solid colour today.

3. Skinny jeans – there’s nothing like a crotch tight pair of skinnies to give you that extra edge to hit the high notes.

4. Tats – a little body art is sexy and fierce, but seeing how tattoos are permanent, it is optional.

5. Jacket – be it leather, biker or a tux jacket, Green Day loves a little extra cover up to add to the attitude factor.

6. Leather wristies and studded belts – direct attention to your wicked guitar chops by wearing a studded leather wrist wrap. The band is keen on studded belts too. It’s an edgy accompaniment and helps keep their pants from falling.

7. Hairstyle – it should be crazy and messy. Wild colours are yet again optional, but band members were spotted from colours like platinum, striking red to onyx.

8. Kicks – plimsoles seem to be the Billy Joe’s favourite.

9. Shirts – usually in dark colours, sometimes vintage, with slight embellishments like iron-ons or badges.

10. Dress up – Green Day can be a little eccentric sometimes and isn’t afraid to don a costume or suit up for a photo shoot, the red carpet or while on stage.

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