Spring Is Near!

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Right now we are getting ready for all things Christmas and pretty soon after, all things ong inspired. Spring is very much far away but hey, who says planning ahead is a bad thing? Chic Yamada takes 2 steps forward on the monopoly board of life and has unveiled a preview of their latest Spring 2010 collection at Future Sound Asia Greenspace.

If you remembered last season, ‘Chic Yamada Women’s Artistry’ was ‘inspired by dynamic modern lifestyles and choices of women, aided with contemporary colours of the pop culture to make each design unique and individual’ states Chic Yamada. If you’re a sexy, daring and confident woman who love to express your individual personality then this design collective is for you.

Their motto for strong, independent women rings through to their Spring 2010 collection called ‘Chic Yamada Spring 2010 High Street’ inspired by every woman’s dynamic modern lifestyles and contemporary colours of the season, inspired by the ‘touch of the breeze with floral scents’ together with ‘Heavenly Pink’ and ‘Camelia Rose Pink Garden’, ash Grey and a ‘touch of Feldspar green’.

And you know whats sexier than Chic Yamada’s Spring collection? Doh! Charity, of course. To continue the Chic Yamada vision, USD1 will be donated for every piece bought from any Chic Yamada line, to support United Nation Millennium Campaign by 2015 Fund for activation activities in Malaysia.

The Spring 2010 collection is available at Replacement, Mooks Pavilion, Mooks Gardens and www.chicyamada.com