South Park x HUF 4/20 Pack


HUF collaborated with South Park to create a capsule collection celebrating the day our patience is tested the most, 4/20. The animated sitcom is known for its crude (but true) jokes, and references the usage of marijuana often, particularly by characters Randy and Towelie. And what better way to identify oneself as part of the #blazeit community than with apparels denoting just that? The collection features the aforementioned characters on t-shirts, shorts, towels, socks, a tote bag, and staying true to HUF’s skateboarding identity, a custom board too.

Check out the collection below:

The South Park x HUF 4/20 Pack retails anywhere from $14 (approximately RM50) to $70 (approximately RM250), depending on the item. The entire collection is available via Huf Worldwide