Somewhere Over The Ray-Ban

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Talk about an acid trip experience! We are totally digging Ray-Ban’s newest ad that’s all whacked in the head (pun intended) that features Ray-Ban’s latest ‘Rare Prints’ Wayfarers!

This series of Ray-Ban ads might look like gobbledygook to you but hey, maybe it does have a deeper, more meaningful message. “Wear these incredibly loud, Loud, LOUD looking shades as an affirmation and proclamation to the entire world that you are indeed unique from everyone else and that you stand out from the crowd that you currently have the misfortune of being grouped with. The end.” No? Who cares? These shades are rad and they remind me of these Doc Marts, no?

We aren’t exactly sure when Ray-Ban’s ‘Rare Prints’ will be making their way to our shores because if it took 2 years for classic Wayfarers to hit our stores then there’s no telling when these ‘Rare Prints’ will arrive. How do I know this? I went through a countless pursuit around town to find a new pair of authentic Wayfarers circa 2007-2008. Suffice to say, I did find a pair in the end – well my mom did. In Canada. I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say.

Explanation aside, Ray-Ban’s new shades are pretty rad. We’re thinking a certain Clarissa or Blossom could pull this off.

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