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Soda asks us “Is it summer again?” While in most parts of the world people only get to enjoy that fleeting few months out of a year where the sun is warm and the flowers bloom. For us, we get to enjoy it 24-7, 365 days a year and local brand Soda has an entirely new season for SS10 with not one but 3 different collections!

Soda packs a punch by presenting 3 very diverse collections called Pop Soda, Soda Exchange and Soda Men to celebrate the coming months and although each collection is different they are also completely versatile and can be mixed and matched together! So which collection suits you the most?

For SS10 Pop Soda says green is the new black. ‘The Green Rockers’ collection is for the rock chic in you. If you were thinking Joan Jett then you are partly right! This collection includes peices like match rivets, studded tops, plaid print dresses, vests, jackets and wash denim for that rocker edge while the polka dots and dusty floral prints that are mixed into the collection softens down the edge a little, giving it the perfect rock chic look.

Looking to dress to kill at work and play? Soda Exchange SS10’s ‘The Metropolitan Glamour’ celebrates femininity, quirkiness and lots of sexiness. Inspired by the Big Apple, this sexy yet chic collection has ruffles, frills, pleats, and playful lace. Not just limited to the office, Metropolitan Glamour’s versatility can extend to after hours too! That ruffled dress might be perfect for day but once you take its belt off, it becomes a killer party dress.

The men aren’t left out either. The Soda Men’s collection celebrates a love of fashion and music. Inspired by Brit rock, this season’s colour palatte is filled with greens, greys, and off whites on tees and singlets that are made with wash cotton brush material with embroidered detailing, print, patchwork and tie dye. 

A real man is confident of his masculinity and the collection is also filled with floral prints. Soda Men’s Outerwear Range has vests, hoods, mylon sleeveless jackets and plaid jackets that compliment heavily washed denim jeans. Another facet of the Soda Men’s personality is its workwear, also inspired by the city of New York.

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