Sneek Peek: Going Native With Boundlezz

Who wants to follow the crowd these days? Seriously. We’re all about originality and these shoes are it, original. It’s time to let your old boots take a hike and make way for the natives.

Images Boundlezz Unlimited

These Native shoes by Fitzsimmons not only look tribal in style and colour, but are also reducing your carbon footprint. We’re going primitive, as the brand is free of animal bi-products and are manufactured to minimise energy emissions and produce no waste.

It’s not just the green factor that’s cool about these kicks, lightweight and unarguably iconic – they’re the future.

Match the colour with your own personal style and choose from jiffy black, trail brown, sunshine yellow and Olympian blue. Available in three sizes 7, 8 and 9 for RM349.

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