SNEAK PEEK: Nike Air Max Zero

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This is a story that’s very much like James Cameron with Avatar; whilst the script was written back in 1994, it wasn’t until 2006 when the director decided the world has the right kind of technology to transpire the vision of his film. Nike has their own Avatar too, and they are going to reveal it on Air Max Day on 26 March.

That’s right, Nike is diving deep into their vault dating close to 30 years back, the one before the 1 – the Nike Air Max Zero.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield came up with the concept back in 1986, when the world was still buzzing with the Nike Air. You could say that Hatfield went a little overboard with this concept back then: he focused on a shoe that featured only the necessities for supreme comfort and performance, with an upper that would be comfortable and form-fitting with a tipless vamp, an idea borrowed from the 1985 Nike Sock Racer, as well as an external heel strap that lacked a heel counter, a design concept that remained unseen until the Nike Air Huarache release in 1991.

In the end, a shoe that was ahead of its time was conceptualised, and Hatfield was forced to steer away from the initial path, leading to the creation of the Nike Air Max 1, which fortunately, singlehandedly kickstarted a revolution in the running shoe industry.

Well, the time has finally come for the Nike Air Max Zero to come out and play. Together with Graeme McMillan, the two designers went to work: Hatfield remained emphasis on his original design intent to achieve supreme comfort, while McMillan upped the ante by adding the latest Nike innovations, such as the newly-introduced Air Max 1 Ultra outsole – seen on the Air Max 1 Ultra Moire, with its cored-out Phylon construction, fuse uppers that reduce bulk without sacrificing support, and monofilament yarn mesh that helped build the unusual tip without sacrificing breathability.

On Air Max Day, the Nike Air Max Zero will be available for purchase, but mind you, only a selected few in the world can get it! If you’ve been itching to get a pair yourself since the beginning of this article, mind the following details:

For a chance to purchase the Nike Air Max Zero, go to on Monday 23 March from 9am onwards to register. Registration ends on Tuesday 24 March at 12pm.

Once you have registered, more information on the store launch will be sent. Please note that registration on alone does not guarantee sale of the Nike Air Max Zero to the customer.

The Nike Air Max Zero will be available exclusively for purchase at Sole What @ Mid Valley Mega Mall on 26 March.