Sluppark’s Street Cred


The beginning of Sluppark’s (or SLPK as its shortened to) operations isn’t something that can be romanticised as it was unintentional. The brand had initially planned to print 10 graphic tees for the team and its founders as a physical representation of their friendship, however, somehow along the way, they printed 100 pieces instead. As opposed to reusing the extra pieces as rags as one would with unwanted or unwearable clothing, the founders saw it as a business opportunity.

Today, it’s been two years since they ventured down the ever-changing path that is street fashion. To date, the brand has produced seven designs for t-shirts as well as a badass ‘Die Skateboarding’ coach jacket (RM119) that appropriately sees a skeleton skating, an apparel that reflects on Anness’ – one of the brand’s founders – lifestyle. It reminds us of Ben Jensen’s illustrations – thumbs up to SLPK for this! – a style and influence that are evidently representative of their ethos in creating images that are relatable to members of the non-mainstream community, as it should be seeing as this is a street brand.

As with many local street brands JUICE has covered in the past, ambition is vigorous but execution might not be on the same level. So, we’re rooting for SLPK to continue churning out more jackets with chthonic imagery because Satan rules. No, we’re kidding, but clothing or accessories with skulls on them have a special place in our goth hearts.

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