Skincare Made In Malaysia

source: JUICE

Be Good’s Lip Scrub
Vanilla Cookies Lip Scrub

The struggle of dry lips and unhelpful lip balm is very real, which is why we opt for lip scrubs instead. Priced at an affordable amount, Be Good’s lip scrub is available in three different flavours: Mojito, Vanilla Cookies, and Afternoon Tea (guess which one is our favourite). And because sugar is included in its making, the sweet smell will tempt you to eat ‘em but you shouldn’t of course, if you know what’s good for you and your health. The results are visible; goodbye chapped lips, we do not miss you.

Be Good’s Lip Scrub retails at RM12 and is available at here. JUICE readers are entitled to a 10% discount of any purchase using the promo code ‘Juice’.

Kinder Soaps’ Teselli Body Soufflé 

Made with numerous oils such as jojoba, apricot, kernel, camellia, and macadamia to name a few, and cocoa butter and Shea butter from Ghana, the body soufflé was made to sooth and heal dry-sun-damaged skin — yes, we’re talking about you, person that takes moisturising lightly. And if all those oils don’t do the trick, it’s best to see a specialist. We love 2-in-1 products because that means we can save money (yes, we’re cheap), plus this soufflé can be used on the face as well.

Kinder Soaps’ Teselli Body Soufflé retails at RM92 and is available at here.

The Saponifist’s Hydrating Body Oil

The results of dehydrated skin will not be blatantly obvious until a few years pass by and your skin resembles a drought in a desert. Gross, we know. Think of this body oil as a “prevention before cure” product. Mixed with sesame seed base and essential oils, The Saponifist prioritises moisturising dry skin and it’s even hair-friendly too – it’s great for scalp massages and doubles up as hair treatment.

The Saponifist’s Hydrating Body Oil retails at RM31 for 30ml and RM65 for 100ml and is available at here.

A Soap Affair’s I’d Tap That — Three Beer & Patchouli Bar

If there’s one thing we love more than drinking beer, it’s bathing in it. The good people behind A Soap Affair decided to use antioxidants found in beers to create the ultimate moisturising bar of soap your skin will have the pleasure of being in contact with. With a combination of Guinness, Heineken, and Hoegaarden — about the only time you can mix three different beers and stay sober — your skin will be smooth in no time.

A Soap Affair’s I’d Tap That — Three Beer & Patchouli Bar retails at RM14 and is available at here.