Silly Bandz: Yay or Nay?

Aren’t these things the cutest? Reminds me of those gel bands we use to exchange with friends back in the 90s! Right now in this era, these things are called Silly Bandz. Cheap, fun and colourful, these bracelets that come in many different shapes from different types of animals to basic geometric shapes and are currently extremely popular with kids in the States and surprisingly enough, its starting to become a hit with adults like Sarah Jessica Parker. In true “Carrie Bradshaw” style I couldn’t help but wonder, are we adults subconsciously trying to somehow relive our long gone childhoods?

We doubt it could be anything as thought provoking as that. These silly looking Silly Bandz have recently been spotted on Mary Kate Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker and with millions of fashionistas that are envious of their unique style, its no surprise that it might catch on. SJP was seen wearing one on TV during an interview while a journalist reported that she spotted Mary-Kate during an appointment for The Row. Pretty soon you might see everyone wearing Silly Bandz – provided someone will be selling them on our shores, of course. If all else fails, we can rummage around and find our old gel bands. Same difference, no?

What do you think of this trend? Will it take off or will it fizzle out?  Some of you might think it is really childish but personally we don’t mind a little extra colour in our lives.

If you like em, you can buy em at