Shuren Projects ‘7 Theses on Stripes’ SS14 Collection

source: Shuren Projects

There is a Chinese proverb that goes, “It takes ten years for a seedling into a tree, but it’d take hundreds of years to nurture a man.” That is where the philosophy of Shuren Projects stems from. Shuren Projects focuses on the bare necessities and basics, as they strive to deliver minimalistic fashion apparels of substance and identity, with simplistic designs that may seem effortless at first glance, but behind every texture and fabric, there is a motif or an ideology festering.

For their SS14 collection, Shuren Projects highlights the ‘7 Theses on Stripes’, featuring seven key pieces that epitomise class in the most basic form of menswear. The collection includes a corduroy patch pin point oxford shirt that represents the life philosophy of growth; that humanity should always bear in mind that true perfection will never be achieved, so we would always be growing and not stay stagnant in nature; whereas the linen chest border shirt toys with the aesthetic ideas of monochrome, and the bottom panel stripe shirt the fluctuation of tonality between a play with light and a flirtation with darkness.

Shuren Projects SS14 collection is available at The Off-Day at 17A, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru. It can also be purchased at and