Kaitlin & Summer For Girls And Boyys

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Life has been peachy since the invention of the internet. Things get done a whole lot faster like paying your bills, and catching up with your friends from around the globe to fulfilling your shopping needs. The newest online boutique to launch here in Malaysia is the uber trendy Kaitlin & Summer founded by aspiring retail distributors Erin Tan and Ng Li Yen.

Combining the best of current trends and classic styles, Kaitlin & Summer to the young and chic to social butterflies and hot working mamas that embrace their inner fashionista. “Kaitlin & Summer is designed to set trends, not follow them. Therefore, we provide a range of clothes that are not easily found at your regular mall. Everyone knows where to find designer clothes, therefore we want to offer people the choice of wearing something that is not as easily recognised, but has the same wow-factor,” says Ng.

Each piece in Kaitlin & Summer is limited and clothing changes seasonally and ranges from dresses, skirts, tops to accessories that are priced from RM50 and above. Shopping online at their site is especially convenient when they offer many different modes of payment from internet bank-transfers and credit card e-payments, to the choice of doorstep deliveries or convenient collection points to pick up  purchases. They also have a Q&A section for those who need fashion advice!

With the launch of the website, Kaitlin & Summer is also launching Kaitlin & Summer’s Heart – a program that provides support and encouragement to women and children in Malaysia and around the world. Under this programme, a percentage of Kaitlin & Summer’s profits will go towards an initiative or cause supported by Kaitlin & Summer and its founders.

Watch out this July when Kaitlin & Summer bring Boyy to Malaysian shores. A Bangkok/New York brand that has an impressive celebrity clientele including Chloe Sevigny, Amber Valetta and Lou Doillon, the label has already been featured in the New York Times. The “Slash” as well as Boyy’s signature bag, the “Frank” are 2 pieces to wait for. Boyy bags are made of high quality Italian lambskin, calfskin and cowhide leather and embellished beautifully with antique silver and gunmetal fittings.

“We’re very excited to bring Boyy to Malaysia for the first time. My favourite is the Frank – it is a must have for every girl, it’s perfect in size and for any outfit!” says Tan. The Boyy Fall/Winter collection will be available exclusively on the website late 2009.

Go into shopping mode at www.kaitlinandsummer.com. Boyy will be available on the site in late July. For more info, email them at [email protected]