Sephora’s ‘Be Atomic’ Bath Collection


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away (guys, this is a reminder to start sourcing for gifts for your girlfriends), which means we’re going to see loads of love-themed products, stories, movies… y’all get the idea. Though this day is weirdly not encouraged to be celebrated in this land of all things holy, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some pretty sweet bodycare products. And if Valentine’s Day doesn’t mess with your religious beliefs, you could hint to your significant other that you’d like to spend a weekend getting wet together, like in a bathtub, because Sephora’s releasing a limited edition bath collection. It comprises of a scented bath confetti meant to be used in a bathtub – apparently it’s prescribed to ignite passion (another word that’s going to repeated throughout February besides ‘love’), so best not use it on your own; a lip balm, not very different in comparison to other lip balms but the packaging screams “I’m really cute, look at me” – if attention is what you need, this is the key product to have; a hand wash which functions like any other hand wash only this one smells like cotton flower – very sweet; a nourishing velvet cream meant to nourish and moisturise dry skin; and lastly a bubble bath and gel — another product which smells like cotton flower, and meant to ignite the dimly lit flame. Overall, this set is not vastly different than other regular body and skincare products but we’re suckers for packaging and anything that smells like flowers.

More photos and price information below:

Scented Bath Confetti (RM22)


Hand Wash (RM25)


Lip Balm (RM20)


Bubble Bath & Shower Gel (RM40)


Sephora’s limited edition ‘Be Atomic’ bath set will be available at all Sephora outlets from Thursday 4 February ’16. More from Sephora here.