Sephora Launches Its Online Store In Malaysia

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.16.15 AM

Shopping at Sephora is a test of every girl’s willpower. We walk in the store with one mission — to buy something we’ve already finished using. But we almost always end up leaving this cosmetic haven with several products that eventually make its way to the “for later use” shelf also known as “too many products to try, have to keep this in sight else it’ll be forgotten.” The test just got a little tougher as Sephora Malaysia’s website is about to launch a shopping tab. We’re doomed. We’re going to be MC Hammer broke… but at least we’ll look good. Always a silver lining. The team behind Sephora has been working hard to setup the online store to cater to everyone’s online shopping needs (we appreciate all enablers) so that Malaysian consumers will be able to find everything from its 14-outlets wide stock in one click.

Sephora’s online store in Malaysia will launch on Monday 1 February ’16. Spend money at then.