Second Son x Nash

London’s Second Son and Nash Money have come together to present you with these very cool t-shirts. Nash is known for his intricate and hand-sewn custom sneakers and recently teamed up with DC and Lacoste on new shoe designs. Second Son, on the other hand, has been kicking it with a selection of cut ‘n’ sew pieces with mad detailing; the brand is also known for its graphic tees. Putting the two together makes for a perfect match.

For this project, Nash transferred his signature moccasin cross-stitch which he puts on sneakers onto these t-shirts, a photo print circles the tee’s entire hem and a logo crest appears on the chest pocket. Nash magnifies his love of stitching in the design, while Second Son shrinks him down in the photoshoot with a selections of hat, shoes and the tools of the trade. Available in Nash’s trademark electric blue on white and bright teal on black. Not a very exciting collabo design, but we sure dig the photoshoot.

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