Sau Lim’s Dark Eyes Are Watching

If you could sketch the pictures in your head as well as Chin Sau Lim can, then perhaps you might be just as gifted and talented as the comic artist. And just maybe, also be included in the RDCTV Creative Chaos – a 8th corssover project by Radioactive and 8 talented designers to create new, wicked t-shirts.

He goes by the alias of Slaium. Chin Sau Lim is the man behind Agent Raygunn Smith. In fact, Sau Lim’s characters bear an obvious trademark – dark eyes. They are also gritty, rusty and live in shadow-style drawings. He is currently the Chief Editor for a comic publication firm, and his comic work includes Utopia High, Drak, Lawak Cambest and Monggo. He is a MSC Malaysia Digital Comic, Design Multimedia Development Corporation, MDEC 2006 winner, and was a guest speaker for the Asian Comic Art Symposium cum workshop in 2004.

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