Sanuk Media Preview @ PJ Trade Center

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Fun South Cali brand Sanuk has finally set foot in Malaysia, making its presence known by inviting us to their showroom in PJ Trade Center to show off Sanuk’s full range of super fun slippers. Interesting trivia: Did you know that the word “sanuk” is a Thai expression for the word fun?

Created thoughtfully for lovers of the great outdoors, the company also sponsors professional surfers and climbers throughout the world. Sanuk is loved world over for their ‘Sidewalk Surfers’, a patented design that attaches a shoe upper to a sandal bottom and their ‘Superfunktional’ slippers that are made with a super comfy yoga mat as a base!

Managing Director Mark Chim showed us around the showroom to explain Sanuk’s various models and designs while explaining Sanuk’s history and its concept. We were also given the opportunity to try out a pair or two. Sneaky people at Sanuk! The moment they asked me to try on a pair of ‘Superfunktional’ slippers was the moment I fell in love with Sanuk. It felt like I was walking on clouds. Big thanks to the people at Sanuk for bringing such a fine brand to our shores!

Sanuk Media Preview was held @ PJ Trade Center on 2 December 2010. Check out the event in Gallery. For more info on Sanuk, click here or log on to