Sailor Jerry ‘The Flash’ Limited Edition Collection by Iggy Pop

Fashion advice from the 67-year-old Godfather of Punk himself? Sure, why not?

Drawing inspiration from the legendary tattoo flash of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, (“Flash” being tattoo designs preserved on paper), Sailor Jerry Clothing’s annual collaboration this year is with the rock icon Iggy Pop.

The key piece from this limited edition collection is Iggy’s personal favourite ’50s style denim vest, emblazoned with an iconic Sailor Jerry anchor with the phrase “Death Shall Triumph”, re-decorated from Iggy’s own lifelong motto, “Death is Certain”, which has helped him make the most of his life.

Each vest comes with a pack of six flash design patches, (handpicked by Iggy himself, of course!), inspired by the tradition of outlaw motorcycle clubs and their habit of issuing standard jackets to their members, who then customise them extensively to their liking.

Not only that, there are only 50 numbered vests available worldwide, each one signed by Iggy Pop.

Besides that, Iggy’s The Flash Collection also carries a limited edition leather belt with a hand-cast brass buckle that features Sailor Jerry’s flash design of a shark rising from the sea, which Iggy interprets as a symbol of power and individuality. Handmade by the brothers Michael and David Stampler of the Norman Porter Workshop in Philadelphia, the belt is limited to only 100 units worldwide.

Sailor Jerry The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop is available for a limited period only on