Rubika and Designs By Humans

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The story begins when actress and TV host Yasmin Hani, was searching for some fine apparel to clothe herself with. Our young protagonist took the internet and soon found eye-catching graphic tees by the brand Designs By Humans. To her dismay, she discovered that they were not available in Malaysia, so she quickly made haste. Soon after, Rubika was born, the sole distributor of Designs by Humans in Malaysia. Now we no longer have to wear alien made clothes.

Designs by Humans is an continuous t-shirt design contest. Basically designers from around the world submit their work and people vote on what they like. You can not only vote on and buy the winning designs, but submit your own work. Yasmin has selected over 40 of the best designs for Rubika, currently available for sale in Malaysia. Happy shopping!

You can currently peruse and purchase over 40 designs of the brand at Dolls Store in Bukit Bingtan. Alternatively, you can browse and shop online on the facebook group.

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