Back in 2008 when Christian Ørsted and Jonathan Wilkinson met, they had similar ideas for an experimental project to create “sophisticated streetwear”. Rottenfresh Collective was born, a project that they admit to being a little on the self-indulgent side. Based between Europe and South East Asia, Rottenfresh 1st gained popularity with its online mag before the clothing label was born. Now Rottenfresh is carried by leading stockists and fashion sites all over the world!

Each piece from Rottenfresh is handmade, making every product unique in its own way. The Rottenfresh tees are divided into 2 different themes: Quotes and Anti – Against, Opposite, Instead Of. The Quotes collection is a twisted interpretation of the label’s ethos while Anti is inspired by Antichrist, the controversial movie by Lars von Trier. Rottenfresh’s online shop has now ventured into selling other brands and also includes a vintage section, so make sure you check it!

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