Root Remedies’ Natural Skincare

Our relationship with this skincare brand reflects the ‘love at first sight’ phrase we are strongly against. Hypocrites? Just human. We needed to stock our shelves with more products that were minimally packaged, so, this was perfect. Root Remedies swearing that it only uses natural ingredients was an added bonus, of course. We tried a few of its products to see just how beneficial organically made products are on our skin.

Tangerine Soap

The core ingredient of this soap — tangerines — is meant to relieve a person of emotional stress. We can’t prove this claim to be true since we are still part of the Royal Drama family, but we’re indeed cleaner. The citrusy smell isn’t as intense as we thought it’d be — if anything, there’s only a hint of it that lingers on the skin after stepping out of the shower. Nevertheless, we take this scent over Protex’s medicated liquid poison any day. Also, it’s completely normal for it to finish in less than two weeks since it’s relatively small, but we’ve been told that Root Remedies will be increasing the size of its bars very soon.

Retails at RM22.

Masala Chai Tea Moisturising Body Scrub

Hands down the best product we’ve tried from the brand so far. First of all, it smells divine — who doesn’t want to smell like chai tea? Someone that doesn’t know what good tea really is. Secondly, we’ve noticed a tremendous difference in our skin since using it, like less dry and brighter skin (say no to dead skin!). Scrubs often leave some residue on the skin even after it’s been washed off, so, we’d recommend either using a damp cloth or washing it off with soap just to make sure every bit of it has been removed.

Retails at RM42.

Nutmeg Kaffir Lime Lotion Bar

This one was a little tricky to use. It didn’t absorb very quickly, so there was a tiny amount of oiliness that was left, but it wasn’t too unpleasant. It definitely leaves a bit of shine on the skin but we didn’t see a huge change in terms of our skin looking moisturised — or maybe our skin is too thick for nutmeg and kaffir lime to seep themselves into.

Retails at RM42.

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