Rocket Science you can wear; blast off with the adidas SOLARBOOST

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Adidas SOLARBOOST is the latest to join the brand’s lineup of technical performance running sneakers, for the avid runners these could be your next best friend for your feet. Pitting them against those in its category, the new features and groundbreaking innovations it has makes them the best in the lot.

Inspired by NASA engineering and designed for pure performance, the SOLARBOOST is essentially rocket science that you can wear. The brand-new technical performance silhouette is designed featuring pioneering data-driven Tailored Fibre Placement technology which uses Aramis data to precisely lay down fibres which feature Parley material content in the mid-foot to support the runner.

Drawing parallels with the construction of a space-shuttle, in which every part has a unique purpose, every element in the SOLARBOOST has been maximised for a specific performance-driven function.

Superior comfort, fit and support in a in a lightweight form–everything a runner would need to move with confidence, speed and distance.

Weighing in at only 295g, the new silhouette is 15g lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette, reflecting a significant reduction in weight whilst still delivering on the same superior cushioning and energy return.

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The SOLARBOOST retails at RM650 and will be available online and in Adidas Performance stores on June 1st 2018. To find out more, please visit their website. Follow the #SOLARBOOST conversation at @adidasrunning on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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