Rockers NYC

When we first laid out eyes on Rockers NYC’s wicked website, we were blown away by it’s throwback to the 80’s because we all know retro is still hot in present times. Big colourful prints on oversized tees, skinnies and a top hat to well, top it off. Oh, don’t forget your sunnies. Calling it ‘Methods of Droppin Mental’, the collection is inspired by waking up with soul clap, out of the concrete jungle with graphics of new primitive. Sweet!

Rockers NYC started in Union in NYC originally as a streetwear brand. Its music impact on visual arts gained recognition from all over the world including Tokyo, Berlin and Copenhagen, which led Rockers NYC to become a style shaper in fashion. Cultural engineer Sean Reveron studied the culture while traveling around the world and shares them with label mastermind Marcus Burrowes to give us groundbreaking style.

In this season, Rockers NYC has already lined up dope collabos namely the very psychedelic English fashion designer Carri Mundane aka Cassette Playa for more outergalactic t-shirts and also with a new Venice brand Hellaca for punk rock to pay homage to Suicidal Tendencies artist Rick Clayton.

Strong colours are spread across the Fall/Winter ’09 collection as a message of strength and individuality. This Rockers NYC collection expresses strong message and yet keeping it simple with focus on the anarchal aesthetic of the early 80s with the brand’s take on a modern twist.

Vibrant is the most obvious word to describe Rockers NYC. Let’s just pray it reaches Malaysia one fine day. But hey, you know you can still shop for it online! Oh, God bless the internet.

Check into to see what is else is circling this wicked brand.