Repleat — Polypropylene Bags To Go Broke For

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Repleat is a combination of numerous words — pleat, replete, and repeat — three characteristics the brand embodies in its products. Repleat’s founder, Debbie Leung, has always been fascinated by shapes and forms – she appreciates design and was intrigued by the abundance of fashion, architecture, and art the city she was raised in, Melbourne, had to offer. That’s right, she came from the land down under, didn’t you hear the thunder? After she moved to KL with her husband, she was introduced to Malaysia’s design culture which encouraged her to open her own businesses. The first business she ventured into specialised in hand-made chocolates in custom gift packaging — these packages took after small, simple, geometric shapes that gradually led to Debbie experimenting with bigger and more complex designs using polypropylene, which was when she began designing bags.

To the uninitiated, polypropylene is a hard-wearing, durable, water-resistant material, each Repleat bag is made with said material together with hand-twisted handles – sounds like an essential bag every woman needs to have. There are currently only eight styles available for purchase, but customers have the option of choosing the combination of style, handle colour, and bag colour if custom goods are vital in one’s life. Debbie is extremely hands-on with her designs — not only is everything made by hand, she also believes in carrying each bag herself for a few months prior to introducing it to the market in case improvements need to be made. Repleat began operations in Kuala Lumpur and has since expanded to New York where Debbie’s daughters are currently based.

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Repleat’s bags range from USD122 (approx. RM512) to USD172 (approx. RM726), and are available for purchase on its online store here or at Designation in Publika.

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