Rent-A-Dress: Manservants Not Included

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source: Rent-A-Dress

As much as we love our soon-to-wed girlfriends, and the fact that they chose us of all the gazillion friends they have on Facebook to be their bridesmaid, it does break our piggy bank a little too often when their weddings are happening every other weekend, and we have to get dresses of different themes and colours and whatnot for each walk down the aisle. Don’t even get us started on the many more themed parties happening every other night! We definitely do not want to end up as Katherine Heigl does in 27 Dresses; although a James Marsden waiting at the altar wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Fortunately, Rent-A-Dress knows what we’re talking about and they’re here to ease our womanly woes. As the name suggested, Rent-A-Dress is a rental portal, where you can rent a designer dress for an evening or two, at a reasonable price. (Just think bridal studios with gown rentals, but for us commoners). Barely up and running for a little over two months, Rent-A-Dress already has a plethora of designer dresses and gown to choose from, such as Badgley Mischka, David Meister, and Mignon, with styles that will suit any occasion at any time of the day, from sassy short length dresses for tea parties and girls’ night outs, to long sultry gowns for black tie events and, of course, wedding receptions.

These dresses have a retail price tag that goes as high as RM3500, but Rent-A-Dress allows a lady to strut the best stuff at a price as low as RM75! We won’t be surprised if our next girl friend to walk down the aisle rents her evening gown from here. (But we do strongly advise that you place a rental on one of lesser calibre than hers, lest you want a Bride-zilla hissing at you for stealing her thunder on her wedding night).

Check out the selection of dresses at your rental disposal over at

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