Reejoy, Reesport, Reethink, Reelaunch @ Reebok One Utama

Reebok found massive success in 2009 thanks to their NASA-esque engineered EasyTone sneakers. Never heard of them? Neither have I til I got to the Reelaunch event where the main focus apart from unveiling their SS10 collection and previewing their FW10 collection is their EasyTone sneakers that gives better butts for women. Nice.

How EasyTone works is that by wearing a pair of EasyTones you could generate up to 28% more butt muscle activation compared to the ordinary pair of gym sneakers thanks to the technology invented by former NASA engineer Bill McInnis. Boy, aren’t they serious about giving you a great looking ass!

The Reejoy, Reesport, Reethink, Reelaunch fashion show that was held as Reebok One Utama showed much promise of whats to come in the year 2010. Their SS10 collection saw sporty yet fun pieces in various colours accentuated with neon zips and bits. If there’s anything that preview showed at the fashion show is that we should look out for their new sneakers in 2010. The sneakers designed  for men and women this year are awesome! Reebok’s new outlook really showed some promise for the futurem keeping their promise to ‘having fun staying in shape’.

Reethink, Reesport, Reejoy Reelaunch was held at Reebok One Utama on 7 January 2009. For more info log on to Check out more pix in Gallery.