Reebok x John Maeda

FW009 sees Reebok collaborating with world renowned artist, graphic designer and computer scientist John Maeda to create the ERS 5000 Maeda and the Retro Aztec Maeda, both of which are part of the Reebok Affili’art Collection. John Maeda has inspired many digital designers and artists today (including Reebok’s very own head of design, Michael Schaeffer) and has had ID magazine name him one of the world’s 50 most important designers.

John Maeda was trained as a computer scientist and interestingly enough, his graphics are created from mathematical algorithms and programming codes. Maeda’s designs for Reebok were inspired by his “Laws of Simplicity”.

The design for Maeda’s new ERS 5000 (above) may seem plain to the eye; in fact Maeda took the sleek minimalist approach after employing what he describes as “thoughtful reduction”, the 1st principal from his book The Laws of Simplicity. The Retro Aztec on the other hand (or foot) takes form from another of John Maeda’s principals, “In Simplicity We Trust”.

The Reebok ERS 5000 Maeda and the Retro Aztec are priced at RM429 and RM399 respectively and are available exclusively at Sole What? The Gardens, Midvalley City. For more info on John Maeda and his mathematical designs, log on to