Reebok x Crossover ‘The Shadow of Phantom’ Collection by JOE CHIA


Reebok x Crossover by JOECHIA 3

Crossover founder and self-proclaimed sneakerhead Jem and beloved Malaysian designer Joe Chia had been working on this collaborative effort with Reebok for two years. And after 24 months of going back and forth to the drawing board to create pieces that were comfortable, functional, and most importantly reflect on great design, all parties are finally confident to introduce the collection to the market. The primary focus here is its RM899 sneakers — the Reebok InstaPump Fury — which received a typical Joe Chia treatment; black on black on black with a leather heel strap, a feature that’s never been seen before on a pair of InstaPump Fury’s and an overall sleekness that people would expect to see from Joe Chia and Crossover. ‘The Shadow of Phantom’ collection is also complemented by a jacket and a timepiece that equally represent Joe Chia’s signature aesthetic; the MA-1 jacket emblazoned with the quote ‘No Other Like You, Demand The Impossible’ on its back retails at RM499.90, then the Casio G-Shock timepiece goes at RM529.

Browse through the collection below:

Reebok x Crossover by JOECHIA 1

Reebok x Crossover by JOE CHIA MA-1 Jacket 2 DW5600-E x Crossover x Reebok by JOE CHIA 1

The Reebok x Crossover ‘The Shadow of Phantom’ Collection by Joe Chia  will be available at Crossover Mid Valley from Friday 11 November ’16 onwards. It retails from RM499 to RM899.

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