Reebok Pump 20

Reebok remains as one of the leading footwear brands in the world and its Pump collection has been in existence two decade! This Pump is the real deal. Voila!

From last month onwards, Reebok started its year-long hoopla to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary of The Pump. The classics are the best and bringing them back to the present with a twist is exactly what Reebok Pumps are doing to celebrate.

The shoe that started it all celebrates with 20 collaborations with retailers from Europe, Asia, US and Australia for 20 limited edition Pump designs. While maintaining the original nature of The Pump created by Paul Litchfield, each retailer gets to customise them in their own style. Wicked! Amazing what a former firefighter with a master’s degree in sports science has created, huh?

These new release of The Pump 20 is definitely a great add to your collection of sneakers. Only 30 pairs each!

Check out all-things Pump at which features everything else you need to know about these treads which will only be available in stores next year.