Red Is The Code For Crayons

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Eight talents have been featured for the 8th Crossover Project by Radioactive – RDCTV Creative Chaos. They are able to produce creative printing onto t-shirts in mass amounts, all carefully studied before produced for this yearly project by Radioactive. This cool project sees Radioactive collaborating with artists in t-shirt designing. JUICE checked them out and here is one of the 8 aspiring artists – Redcode!

Redcode’s undeniable talent of crayon drawings to comics started since he was in kindergarten. Over the years, he only got better and has now moved on to seeing more and more of his comics published in several magazines. His work got him a nomination in the illustration category at the Oriental Animation & Comic Competition (OACC) in 2005 at Beijing, and reached the finals at the Morning International Manga Competition (MIMC) in 2007.

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