Ray-Ban Clubmasters x Music

Black Kids

“We dig the brand and jump at any chance to wear sunglasses indoors. We all agree that the Clubmaster is painfully stylish, but we can’t agree on whether wearing Clubmasters makes one cool, or if one wears Clubmasters because one is already cool. We chose The Tammy’s ‘Egyptian Shumba’ because it is the most insane, wonderful thing we have ever heard. That is not hyperbole.”

The internet has once again demonstrated its power by introducing Black Kids. This Jacksonville, Florida band consists of Reggie Youngblood (guitar/lead vocals), Ali Youngblood and Dawn Watley (keyboards/backing vocals), Owen Holmes (bass), and Kevin Snow (drums). Their latest album Partie Traumatic, launched in 2008 combines 60s style pop and 80s new wave with up-tempo beats which earned them an even bigger following since their 4 track EP Wizard of Ahhhs was posted on their Myspace page in 2007.

For more info log on to http://www.blackkidsmusic.com and http://www.myspace.com/blackkidsrock. Listen to ‘Egyptian Shamba’ and watch a video of the Black Kids recording in the studios


Ipso Facto

“We picked ‘You Don’t Own Me’ because it is quite similar to our style of music in some ways. The dark verses and the powerful female vocals of the chorus. It is very difficult covering such a classic song but we think we suit it well enough to do it justice. The lyrics are also a big part of why we chose this song. At a time when all girl bands sung about love in a very traditional way, the man looking after the woman, taking her out etc, the lyrics to ‘You Don’t Own Me’ must have been very brave. It’s liberating to sing. We found that interpreting a classic fifties song for Ray-Ban was a refreshing challenge and reminded us of Ray-Ban’s influence on style throughout many decades. The Clubmaster has a detailed shape, creating an interesting revival through today’s modern fashion.”

Ipso Facto has a lot going for them at the moment. After securing a record deal with brand new indie label Disc.Error and a London tour, Ipso Facto made it onto the 6Music Rebel Playlist shortlist a few months later that was headed up by Steve Lamacq. It didn’t just stop at that, these lucky girls even secured a slot on The Last of the Shadow Puppets world tour (Autumn 08). Rosalie Cunningham (vocals/guitar), Cherish Kaya (Keyboard), Victoria Smith (drums) and Samantha Valentine (bass) declare themselves to be a “London band from all over the country” each coming from different cities like from Cambridge, Newcastle and Southend.

For more info log on to www.myspace.com/ipsofactomyspace. Listen to ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and watch a video of Ipso Facto recording in their song in the studio


White Williams

“I chose the Joe Meek song because of a series of weird coincidences. His interest in graveyard recordings and the paranormal interested me. The original song has production qualities that were not common in his generation. Sunglasses are one of music’s best disguises: when you see Ashlee wearing sunglasses in a photo you can’t tell if she’s not dead. Just like Bernie Lomax “I wear my sunglasses at night so I can keep track of visions in my eyes.”

Joe Williams grew up with noise rock, drums and Cleveland’s DIY scene. Now at 23, Joe says that he was “saved” by “dance floor schizophrenic tunes with impressionistic lyrics”. His happy hardcore debut Smoke in 2008 was put together on his laptop in states across the US including Ohio, California and New York. After touring the UK supporting Vampire Weekend in May 2008, White Williams is now joined by a merry band of drummers, guitarists and artists.

For more info log on to www.myspace.com/whitewilliams. Listen to ‘I Hear A New World’ and watch ‘the making of’ at i-hear-a-new-world-white-william.