Quiksilver Make Rash Decision

It’s the kind of headline that writes itself. Yes, Quiksilver is once again leading the charge in boardshorts innovation, and this time they’ve invented a material that leaves your nethers rash-free. And no, we didn’t know surfers had prickly parts either….

The all-new Diamond Dobby technology’s innovative, embossed diamond-patterned material means 30% less of the boardshort actually touches the skin, virtually eliminating the rashing and chafing associated with watersports. It’s all scientific mumbo jumbo to us of course, we’re just happy to know it ain’t all weird down there….

For those of you for whom performance is everything (no, not the sexual kind), the material promises plenty of it thanks to its 33% vertical stretch and fabric memory to maintain shape. It’s also virtually weightless and dries two times faster than the average boardshorts and has already been put to the test by Quiksilver young guns, Julian Wilson and Kiron Jabour, who in addition to being damn fine sportsmen, are now rash-free and have dry bums. Bonus!

Check out the Cool Out boardshorts, one of the Diamond Dobby styles that will be available in Malaysia shores, at all Quiksilver stores and concessions nationwide. More info at .mywww.quiksilver.com.