PUMA x CROSSOVER ‘Velvet Twin’ Pack


During Crossover’s anniversary party last year, guests were teased with a sneak peak of what the store had planned to launch in the first half of 2016. It was mysterious as the only clues were a pair of black sneakers covered in roses and a little known sportswear brand’s logo — jokes, it was Puma’s. All the questions we had asked ourselves during the party were answered just last week once Crossover launched its ‘Velvet Twin’ pack featuring a pair of reworked Puma silhouettes – the Blaze of Glory and Disc Blaze. As the name might have clued you in, both shoes were designed after Crossover founder Jem’s enthusiasm for David Lynch’s classic, Blue Velvet.

First up is the Blaze of Glory, aptly named ‘Roses’ — it has a mesh upper placed under nubuck and leather material with speckled cage on its overlay. In terms of colour, its pink tongue contrasts nicely against the sky blue tint around its insole. The shades for its laces and soles on the other hand, were picked from the monochrome family tree — hues that represent Crossover’s signature colour. To complete ‘Rose’, is a stencil of the flower it’s named after on its heel.

Then, there’s the Disc Blaze ‘Mystery’, which features a see-through DISC cap on a solid black upper constructed of mesh, nubuck, and suede. According to the collectives behind the collaboration, the white speckles found splattered across the shoe symbolise “the goodness that is found in every suspense drama’s antagonistic character,” while the pink on its heel tab is meant for characters with unpredictable behaviour as well as another shade of Crossover’s favourite colour.

Check out ‘Roses’ below:




… and ‘Mystery’ below:

The Blaze of Glory ‘Roses’ retails at RM580 and is available at all Crossover stores while the Disc Blaze ‘Mystery’ will be available from 7 May ’16 onwards, retailing at RM630.

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