Puma SS09 Plays Dress Up

Remember when you used to play ‘masak-masak’? Or if all props failed you, you just mucked about in a storm drain? How easy was it to keep yourself entertained then, eh? In a bout of nostalgia, Puma has recreated an activity that is bound to elicit squeals of delight from girls (and boys) who used to love this charmingly simple activity. Puma has created paper dolls (no, not performing type) and they want you to dress them up.

The Where To Wear It Kit is part of Puma Golf’s Spring Summer 09 campaign. More golf punk than golf pensioner, it consists of cardboard cutouts of the latest collection from tees and skirts to shorts, slacks, shoes and bags. Inspired by the 1950s, an iconic era in golf fashion, style and graphic elements from that era have been given a contemporary twist with the use of modern colours and materials.

Reinforcing just how champion the range looks off the course as it does on, you can even dress Tiger and his date for a rendevous at a diner. Accesorise accordingly with burger and shake. Cute!