Puma’ Happy Hunting’ Campaign Prize Giving Ceremony @ The Gardens

What a way for Ken Tan to start the year, and right before Chinese New Year too! This lucky 21 year old is the proud winner of Puma’s ‘Happy Hunting’ campaign and won one year’s worth of Puma merch. Unbelievable!

So what did Ken Wong do to that scored him this sweet deal? Ken alongside with other Puma fans took part in a “hunting expedition” to track down Puma Agents like R&B songstress Nadirah, and indie band Bittersweet by following clues that were posted up on Puma’s Facebook page. Once they have figured out the location, they would need to be the first one to locate the Puma Agents’ standees, snap a pic of it and be the first to post it up on FB. Phew! Sounds like hard work but the prizes are well worth it! Apart from the grand prize, there were prizes given in exchange for the hunt included money and Puma vouchers while an additional bonus gift would be given if those winning vouchers were used on the same day,

The prize giving ceremony was a simple, cheerful event that started with the prize giving and photo op at the Puma outlet in The Gardens and then a sit down get together at TGIF after with the winner and the good people at Puma. A gigantic ice-cream sundae and a chocolate chip milkshake on a Friday evening? TGIF!

Congrats to lucky winner Ken Tan Cheng Leng from us at JUICE! Puma’ Happy Hunting’ Campaign Prize Giving Ceremony was held at Puma, The Gardens on 21 January 2011.