Puma ‘Create Your Style’ Grand Finale @ Cafe Stelle

Puma created much hype about their newest ‘Create Your Style’ campaign the past month, generating much excitement that lead to the grand finale that happened last week. JUICE braved through city traffic on a Friday evening to get to Cafe Stelle at Pavilion for the event. No complaints as all was not lost in vain. Read more and you will find out why.

This day in particular was filled with sports label brand lovers. Besides Puma’s campaign finale, another sporting competitor was having their event somewhere in Pavilion grounds too. So you can imagine, finding a parking spot was quite a victory in itself.

‘Create Your Style’ is aimed at everyone who aims to strive for individuality and creativity when it comes to fashion. With the Puma campaign, they launched the ‘Create Your Style’ contest whereby you take these cards as props as you get shot. The most creative wins an awesome Puma prize. Rm6500 worth, to be exact.

After signing up at registration, we were asked to try out for the contest and it sounded like fun so like the good sport JUICE is, we participated. Puma really did well in this she-bang, tons of people were crowded together in Cafe Stelle. So packed that we couldn’t see the stage and most of the runway.

When Taiwan Puma ambassador Gaile Lai and Hong Kong Puma ambassador Eddie Peng showed up, there was a mad rush of fans running up to take a shot of the good looking duo. After an hour or so, the show finally began! Puma really pulled the works with b-boys and the KL Stompers opening the show with a bang with music also provided by DJ Daryl B before the fashion show began.

The fashion show consists of styling work from contestants of Puma’s ‘Most Creative’ competition aimed at Raffles Design students. Three teams of Raffles students vied for the title making this Puma catwalk show quite an learning experience. Using tees as legwarmers? Amazing!

The prize ceremony came after the fashion show and the winners were to be announced for the competition. This JUICE writer was about to leave when emcees Phat Fabes and Ben called out me and my partner in crime’s name. We won most creative photo? No shit! What a way to end the night with a limited edition Puma Reality bag. Thanks Puma!

Puma ‘Create Your Stylewas held at Cafe Stelle, Pavi on 4 December 2009. For more pics check out our gallery! Check out www.puma.com for more Puma goodness.