Project MuffStit

Girls + fashion + website + style = success. That’s what PMS has done. To start things off, PMS stands for Project MuffStit. MuffStit is spearheaded by Chelle and Sher through their love of fashion. JUICE finds out what tickles their fancy.

Here’s what they have to say about PMS, “We started PMS out of passion and fun because we were still studying at the time and thought it’d be a good idea just to have something on the side, somewhere we could just blah our (creative) output to, but we realised that people actually took interest on our fashion projects and things started to pick up from there. We’re taking this rather seriously now, and hopefully one day that ‘miracle’ would happen!” Nice. Business for Project MuffStit have been soaring since then and they’re hoping to get into crazier projects with their peers in the industry.

Neither of them have a design background, but the Melbourne-based girls have a good eye for good designs, and have described MuffStit designs as rojak designs. It’s intuitive, if you may call it that, when they throw their random ideas onto canvas with no clear direction. But then again, we guess that’s how great art comes to be, eh?

Calling Thieves Like Us’ ‘Drugs In My Body (Designer Drugs Remix)’ as their current theme song, which is also on repeat and full blast during PMS photoshoots, the girls dream of running their own studio. The girls who looked as if they stepped out from the pages of want to get creative with a boutique cum art space cum mini café, PMS style. We can’t wait to go hang with these cool chicas. Come back to Malaysia soon!

In the meantime, check out the new collection designed by Mawk from their PMS x Bulu Bulu collabo. Pieces from the limited collection are sold at AUD$35 each, so hit them a mail at [email protected] for some PMS love.

Kick it at to see what they are up to next. Also, look out for Bulu Bulu in our upcoming May 2009 issue of JUICE magazine.

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