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Pop.Muse.Sic is an online shop, founded by music mistresses Melissa Indot and Tunku Nadia from electro, dub and hip hop DJ duo Twinkies. Currently, they’re stocked with imported tees from the Wildfox Heart of Gold Astrology collection, high quality tees seen on celebs such as Beyonce, Fergie, Hally Berry and Christina Aguilera. Find out here how to win a free Titillating Pop.Muse.Sic tee for free!

The unique name of the online shop and the Pop.Muse.Sic blog stems from the combination of their love of pop culture, muse referring to a source of inspiration, and sic being a term that at first impression looks like a text error, but is in fact an intentional mistake. Thus Pop.Muse.Sic is the online shop which is inspired (it’s muse) by pop culture, with the addition of finely selected music (muse.sic) as it’s soundtrack.

The online boutique currently only stocks Wildfox’s tees, however their original products will be released soon. Tunku Nadia and Melissa Indot have ingeniously planned to release their personal collection as jigsaw pieces on their blog, where people can collect the pieces to form the full design and the first present to assemble the design will get the Titillating Pop.Muse.Sic tee for free! Follow their blog as well for musings on pop culture, art, music and of course fashion. Currently, the Wildfox Limited Edition ‘Heart of Gold Astrology’ tees are selling for USD$100 per tee. There’s a tee for every astrological sign, so check out the site for yours!

Check out their blog on www.popmusesic.wordpress.com to find jigsaw pieces of their designs and go to the online shop at www.popmusesic.bigcartel.com for some cool lookin’ tees!

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