Poplook Premium for FashionValet

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This collection marks the first ever collaboration between two significant names in the fashion e-commerce household, and after going through each garment designed and produced by Poplook Premium for FashionValet, we’re left with our fingers and toes crossed in hopes for a second collection. The contributing factors for our crossing of digits begin with the attention to detail each piece was given — it’s not everyday that we see garments that incorporate embroidery, beads, and sequins but yet not have them placed under Tacky’s umbrella. Then, it’s size chart caught our attention; these pieces’ sizes start from UK 6 and go all the way up to UK 20. It definitely caters to a wider range of people — both in the metaphoric and literal sense — and each piece was made to be paired with anything as they are suited for both day and night, depending on how it’s styled, of course.

Check the collection out in its entirety below:

The Poplook Premium for FashionValet ranges between RM139 to RM199 and is available now via FashionValet

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