PMS x Nike

When we first heard about Project Muffstit, we knew we had to write about them even though we were a few months behind time. Better late than never, right? It was love at first sight and when we found out about their collaboration with Nike, JUICE couldn’t wait. On the night it was published on, Nike already prepped us to keep our RSS locked in for this first Nike collaboration on a project like this. Kapow! It went live and we were blown away. We quickly sent Sheryl and Chelle a few questions about this PMS x Nike collabo. If you don’t know who these Muffstits are, then read on!

First of all, congrats on an amazing job. How do you feel?
Thank you. To be honest, relieved! It’s our first time working with something as big as Nike and we’re just thankful that the response has been positive so far. We’re just happy all our hardwork’s paid off!

How did you score this collabo with Nike?
We were fortunate to work with Nike Malaysia during the FT x PMS event and they liked what we did. So they called us in a second time around! The entire idea came about after too much brainstorming and overseas phone calls! (Laughs)

What’s the concept for this video and shoot?
We wanted to sell a lifestyle concept whereby it’s truly PMS! Incorporating the loud and colourful designs of Nike Sportswear together with the looks of a typical PMS girl – fun, crazy and most importantly, a little out of the ordinary.

How long did it take for you to complete the project?
All in all, about 2 months! We started from nothing but a piece of paper… but with the help of our 2 superstars, Zillieman and TwoFrontTeeth, we quickly came up with different ideas on how to put our thoughts to action. It was a crazy rollercoaster ride no doubt, but lotsa fun nonetheless.

Would you consider this your biggest project yet?
Probably the most challenging out of the lot because we were trying a lot of new things like videography. Plus, we’re not natural actors, you see. (Laughs) The whole teaser itself took us 7 long hours to shoot, man, it was crazy! Also to be able to work with Nike, that means a lot to us!

Thanks to Chelle for the prompt reply! Seriously, JUICE can’t wait to see what else the girls have up their sleeves.

Now keep your RSS feed on for! Also you know you need to keep your eyes open for Nike Malaysia at now.