Plug and Feather: Face Stone Watches

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source: Plug & Feather

The men behind Plug and Feather have taken the travel souvenir to a whole new level. Plug and Feather, as explained by the founders was “an ancient tool that was used to fashion stone into different types of early jewellery.” Inspired by the natural rock formations and geology that have been so kindly bestowed by mother nature, they’ve concocted an idea to use beautifully coloured rocks to make the face plate of hand-crafted watches. These rocks are not only wonderfully hued, they also possess regal names such as Sodalite, Cloud Jasper, Charolite, Snowflake Obsidian, and Carnelian – just so you know this sh!t is legit. These five stones make up the five individual pieces that can suit the wearer of any occasion. With this ambitious concept, would you believe that this is a kickstarter project?

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