Playboy Four Fragrances Launch @ Heritage Mansion

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There’s nothing we like better than a party hosted by iconic brand Playboy. The bunnies recently threw a highly exclusive and stylish party to celebrate the launch of four irresistible Playboy Fragrances (Hollywood Playboy, Malibu Playboy, Miami Playboy and Vegas Playboy) in Malaysia.

The launch party titled ‘Press To Play’ transformed the Heritage Mansion into a luxurious villa ala Playboy Mansion just for that night. Complete with bunnies running around of course. We were greeted by sassy and friendly Playboy ambassadors who could pass off as bunnies themselves.

You would half expect to see Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner or rather known as Hef coming down the steps decked in an elegant bathrobe, cigar in hand, accompanied by two sexy bunnies. No Hef was spotted that night but plenty of celebrities came to grace the event. Among them were Jojo Struys, Elaine Daly, Jehan Miskin, Joey G and many more.

Heritage Mansion housed four thematic corners taken from the fragrances name to keep everyone busy that night. Guests settled down with company in the Malibu garden, sipped cocktails in the Hollywood lounge and played poker at the Vegas.

Jojo Struys and Toh Kong Eu prepared some tricks up their sleeves for the night as they presented two sets of eye catching rhythmic Jazz tap performance with live percussionist, Justin from the Aseana Percussion Unit.

Joey G ended the night at the Miami dance floor as he spun infectious sexy house music that somehow seemed to cast a spell on the audience right till the end of the night.

Playboy Launches Four Stylish Fragrance went down on the 20 November 2009 at the Heritage Mansion. For a peep at who was there, visit our gallery.