Petersaysdenim Malaysia: PeterinvadesMalaysia

Images Roy Ajong

Since the dawn of civilisation, fashion and music have always been partners in crime. Leaping out at us from dark alleyways, they steal the limelight and worm their way into our lifestyles without us even realizing it before it’s too late. And Petersaysdenim understands the power of this nefarious relationship. Alright, so maybe personifying fashion and music as criminals isn’t such a great idea. But it’s true that fashion and music have a huge influence in our personal styles. With this knowledge, Petersaysdenim has created a brand that makes full use of the relationship music and fashion have to bring us clothing with so much attitude, it becomes a part of us.

Petersaysdenim focuses mainly on denim jeans (thank you, Captain Obvious), but also produces a range of other apparel and accessories, including t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, wallets and bags for both men and women. Hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, the brand started out by supporting local independent bands, and has branched out to the US, North America, Japan and Australia.

When Peter Firmansyah first formed his band, Petersaysorry in 2001, he wore jeans, hoodies and other apparel that he designed himself. People started taking notice of his personal style, and from there, Peter decided to create Petersaysdenim, which quickly expanded. He started making jeans for other people and selling in local clothing stores. The brand went on to become an Indonesian success and is hugely popular there.

Collaborations with bands like August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I and Every Time I Die has cemented the brand’s fan base with the more hardcore music scene. Petersaysdenim remained true to its aim to combine music and fashion, and has come up with jeans with Every Time I Die, a t-shirt with Set Your Goals and a jacket with Blessthefall, as well as a pair of jeans with the non-profit organisation, Skate 4 Cancer.

After all that success, it’s about time someone brought this amazing brand to us! After kicking off with its Petersaysdenim Invasion Tour in October last year, the brand is becoming more and more popular here in Malaysia, and supports a host of local bands, including An Honest Mistake, Massacre Conspiracy, Tres Empre and I Revival. Petersaysdenim Malaysia is one of the fastest growing branches as compared to the others because, let’s face it, we just can’t miss the chance to own something that our favourite band has too!

Petersaysdenim takes pride in not only its quality, but also its attention to details. Every design is carefully thought out, and no detail is spared. A leather logo shaped like a pick, a specially embroidered back pocket, a small insignia emblazoned on the inside of a pant leg, all these details add to the effortlessly cool attitude of Petersaysdenim’s clothes. The prices range from RM98 onwards (everyone winces in unison) but there are frequent sales and discounts that can go up to 50%. We can’t think of any Malaysian who doesn’t like a sale. So if you’re looking to add a dash of punk to your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Go on, get busy shopping!

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