Pestle & Mortar ‘Momentum’ Fall ’14 Collection

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With the New Year just some 30 days away, it’s best to get a head start and run into 2015 with a momentous velocity. And what more apt ways you can do that than Pestle & Mortar’s Fall ’14 collection of the same namesake?

This season, Pestle & Mortar aims to take the brand, as well as the country it hails from, to greater heights, introducing to the world what Malaysia and Malaysians are capable of.

In mentioning of our beloved country, we need look no further than the legendary batik prints that have been with us for generations. Pestle & Mortar gives the traditional prints renewed life that balances the fine line between willful rebellion and energetic youth. It’s a peek on the insides of your otherwise bland buttoned shirt, or a sneak under your snapback.

But if you’re already happy with what Pestle & Mortar has to offer – fret not. Their staple pockets are still here to stay, high-quality buttoned shirts, jersey tops and dresses, and sleeveless denim hoodies, with new shapes, fabrics and patterns to play with for the New Year.

Pestle & Mortar’s ‘Momentum’ Fall ’14 collection is now available at their flagship store located at 11, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru.

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