‘Riot for Peace’ with These Pestle & Mortar Clothing x Nerd Unit Collaborative Pieces

Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) has worked together with acclaimed streetwear brand Nerd Unit to produce a collection that showcases the unity between both brand’s contrasting designs. Entitled ‘Riot For Peace’, the collection includes 8 garments, 2 caps, and 3 pins, and was inspired by the flower power movement of the ’60s.

Seeing as how some people use clothes as a way to make a statement or to express how they feel, given the current global political climate, these garments could be seen as an appropriate item to reflect such feelings. Though if fashion is just an accessory with no real ulterior meaning to its wearer, donning a statement piece like PMC x Nerd Unit’s leather biker jacket would still look good for the ‘gram.

Check out the lookbook below:


The collection will be available at both brands’ outlet stores on Saturday 11 November ’17. Follow PMC here, and Nerd Unit here for more updates.